Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Scarlett Letter Sentence

The music was loud. A boisterous fetish of frenzy was running around. Ear drums strained everywhere as the barricade played uselessly into the night. The dance floor was overflowing with the species of average morons whose pockets dwindled at night. Human bodies brimming with lust and desire shadowed the greys of the floor. About 5 feet above them sprinklers merry go rounded endlessly quenching the one of many thirsts that out and out plagued the atmosphere around them. The atmosphere was filled with electricity as the blend of the five elements swayed uncontrollably to the haunting tunes that had been the theme of the night. Rain dance is a strange thing. The wet bodies intertwined with each other are a strange sight not only to the ones outside but to the ones inside as well. Right at the edge of the springy veil stood a man, a millionaire in his own right but soon to be officially made one. He paced to the farthest table and took in all there was to see. Right in the middle of a commotion was Victoria his wife. They had married out of love but like her other toys; she had lost interest in him too. He on the other hand wanted everything back. He could clearly make out that vicious figure draped in blood red as wet as the water itself. Underneath the gown that now was her second skin lay a body that had once been his. Even at this distance only a dead man could miss those waves of ecstasy she aroused at mere sight. She was the light of the night to every hound, the magnet to the iron. Sexiness oozed from her like sweetness from sugar. Even today as normal she sizzled as if she was like a twenty something, young and vibrant, naked underneath that light material. As the play of colours and luminescence continued he waited patiently for his beloved Victoria. When she finally stepped out, it was as if the life of the party had just been snatched. More heads turned as she started the long walk to the table. He knew she was enjoying it and that was precisely why he had chosen this spot. She didn’t deserve or demand any kind of attention, she just received it. Gravity is a strange thing. Even now after all that had happened he was drawn to her and regardless of anything he knew he would always be. A silence ensued as she settled onto the chair that now became a throne.
“What happened to all those moves?”
“You know what happens when I move don’t you?”
“Yeah sure, the bed starts shaking.”
“And you prefer that. You like the attention you get here.”
“You have your own set of women eying you, you know.”
“It’s not bigger than your collection of men.”
“That it is a mere possibility darling, no more.”
“You coming home anytime soon?”
“And leave this?”
“I have work tomorrow.”
“What work? You have only me to tend to.”
“And even that isn’t enough.”
“Why is the music so slow?”
“Because they are waiting for you to go tell them it is?”
“I will see you tomorrow.”
“I hope you don’t.”
“You will sweetie. I am your wife. And may I remind you, you are forgetting something.”
“Oh I haven’t forgotten. Who would I? It was the worst day of my life.”
“Happy anniversary darling”
“That’s how you are gonna say it?”
“I have to leave.”
He stood up in a moment of awkwardness. His insides were killing him. She joined him as they were just starting to make their way towards the parking lot. The temptation was irresistible. Halfway through, he turned and with everyone watching kissed her full on the mouth. He felt her smile and then add to his vigour as they stood there lost to the beasts, the centre of attention, the silent objects of fantasy of every man and woman there. How they wished they could have been there, been them for just the one day. The power couple of the city were still the most envied even after all these years. They broke up aware of the stares burning into their back but of course not because of them. He looked into those bright blue eyes and he could swear on hell they changed colours. How he loved that woman. That face, those sharp features those luscious lips he couldn’t get enough off, that cocky air and those breathtaking curves who left him wanting more each time. He would miss her if only for a little while.
In the drive way they kissed again less excitedly of course but it felt the same.
“You thought I would leave you without a gift?”
“What is it this time?”
“That red Porsche right there down to the left.”
“That is just a souvenir. And the keys are where they are supposed to be. The real thing is right here.”
He was on her again one arm around her back, the other feeling through and then to the shoulder where it closed the loop.
“You can still take my breath away.”
“Oh God! What is this?”
“Just a token of my love”
“You love me too much.”
“This must have cost a fortune.”
“It’s your money. You just don’t know how to spend it.”
“Is this a kind of rock?”
“One that is very rare.”
“What is it?”
“Had you had those kind off brains…”
She smiled at him that million dollar smile and for the last time he left her. It was funny how the tiniest of moments could rekindle a romance long dead. She watched him drive off and walked back, a new gleam around her neck that still wasn’t enough to outshine her.
There in the crowd, she got drunk again and again the dance floor was on fire. The beats were up now, the bass out of control. Out of the corner of her eye she saw him. He belonged at her side but in the real world, the side was the other side of the edge. He winked as she met his gaze and slid into the pool of dancers. She followed him from a distance. And just when she thought she had lost him she heard him. He was whispering behind her and when she turned he was gone again. And then she heard the sound of someone getting into the pool. She walked towards it and there he was in the pool, his clothes lying neatly in a corner.
“No.” she exclaimed.
“You got to know I am completely naked.”
“Ok then leave. Let me enjoy the swim.”
“This can’t go on for too long.”
“It has been till now and it will till the fire dies out.”
“I have to leave.”
“This is wrong.”
“One last time”
“But what about Arthur?”
“You married him right? Isn’t that enough?”
“But this seems wrong.”
“This only seems wrong because you are too high.”
“Come on. Come inside. It is fun. You will see.”
Slowly hesitatingly she entered the water. They said nothing as she slowly waded towards him and he coolly looked on.
“What is with the dress?”
“It will come off soon but you will have to earn it.”
She neared him and they locked together in a long soft kiss.
“I never thought you would actually be drunk enough to keep your clothes on.”
“Let’s just say I am not intoxicated enough.”
“Leave him.”
“Because this is not me. I should go.”
She turned to leave but he pulled her back and held her close.
So close that it hurt. She felt a searing pain in her abdomen and looked below to see the water coloured in her own blood. The pain was unbearable and his mouth was on hers as she struggled slowly and then gradually all resistance faded and her nails now dug deep into his back became motionless.
Victoria was dead.
He stared at those closed eyes and kissed them goodbye.
“I would have spared you, but you wanted to be with him.”
“And look where it has got you.”
“We could have lived happily, but then this Arthur was too much of a temptation for you.”
He dressed casually smiling at the dreams of luxuries. His life was set now. He just needed to go take the money.
He took her Porsche (after a year with that woman, he knew where she kept everything, even the keys to an unused car)and headed towards the Mary mansion. The place where Victoria lived. Had lived. He raced his spirits and let the car run at the highest gear. Man this was fun he thought to himself. He closed his eyes for just one moment of leisure, enjoying the picture of Victoria dead in the pool, that big necklace still alive around her neck. She still looked pretty, even when she was dead.

He was nearing the mansion. This was the last bridge to cross. As he accelerated, a stationary truck standing in the middle of the empty road suddenly switched on its headlights and for an instant he was blinded. As a reflex he swerved and braked. The first thing happened, the other didn’t. The brakes had apparently been tampered with. He fell right off the bridge into the mass below.
Inside the truck, Lance Malcolm phoned his boss. He prided himself of being more brains than bully.
“Red Porsche down into the river. Job done”
The reply came instantly “You will be paid soon.”
At the Mary mansion, Arthur was having a drink. He received the phone call replied and terminated. He looked up and heaved a sigh of relief.
“She is finally dead.”
“Who is?”
“Your sister”
“Who else?”
“You got to be kidding me.”
“Believe it. And prepare yourself, it will be all over the papers tomorrow.”
The woman in the purple robe finally turned and shook her head.
“You really loved her didn’t you?”
“Not enough to let her live after cheating on me.”
She sat down on his lap and kissed him on the cheek.
“I am surprised. How did you manage it?”
“Everyman has a cost. A label that says how much he will do anything for.”
“I paid her lover to kill her and her driver to kill him.”
“And the driver?”
“I will take care of him.”
“So what now?”
“Nothing. It is just you and me and the money.”
“Let me fix you a drink.”
“Take your robe off too. I don’t like purple too much.”
She went to the bar and poured him a drink. Quietly she muttered to herself.
“I am sorry darling. It’s just me and the money.”