Saturday, June 26, 2010

Almost Lovers_ 'me' and 'you'

It was early morning. Emily had woken up. Jake had not. Emily had slept all night snuggled warmly into Jakes arms. Jake had been awake all night thinking about Goldilocks and the three bears. What baffled him was that if he was father bear and Elvis was baby bear, who was mother bear? And then it had struck him Jenny would love be mother bear. And the patch of gold covering his arms and his chest nestled into him like a stone in turbulent water was goldilocks. And then he thought about the frog and the princess. About how when the princess had kissed the frog, he had become a handsome prince. For some reason he felt like a prince now. The bed seemed larger, the room more vibrant, alive as if a shiny emerald had been put in a glass of water in the sun. At the wake of dawn he had finally put to rest his love struck heart surrendering to the battle between dreams and dreamy reality.
Elvis had been right under him frowning at his master’s fate. Maybe he was jealous but he was too proud to admit it. A week ago everything had been so fine. Just him and him. All day long and all night. But this lady had ambushed his lifestyle leaving him scathed in the glory of past tense fallouts and long lost hope turning rapidly to an agnostic state of turmoil. His master had been robbed and he was too hypnotized, no mesmerized to notice. He shook his head in disbelief and sighed onto the leg of the bed.
What seemed liked minutes passed and she called out to him. It was a whisper, barely audible but loud enough for his cocked up ears to catch. And when he heard ‘walk’, he wasted no time in fetching the leash from under the dining table where it had been thrown last night in a scene of clumsily intimate closeness right after their night stroll. She was robbing his master but well he was getting his share of pampering wasn’t he? So much for loyalty. He chuckled and scampered to the now flimsily dressed lady wagging his tail in bland delight. It was morning all right but the sun wasn’t out. If they were quick in their business, he might just get walk number two this morning. And wouldn’t he just love it?
He trotted down the stairs leading the way. The milkman hadn’t yet come so the bottle of milk at the bottom of the stairs was still empty. Pity he thought.
She on the other hand wasn’t so thoughtful. Whiskey seems to give the best hangovers, but if you want to dream with your eyes wide open, leave it to love. Yawning she opened the front door and walked outside into the dawn. It was cold she thought and she wasn’t even properly dressed. But at this time of the day, night whatever she need not be. And here? Well that was quite a cliché. She thought to herself why she couldn’t leave. It had been a month and all she wanted was what was in front of her. Waking up fresh in the mornings, in the evenings and sometimes just before dawn. Sleeping as soon as the bed came into view after of course the … or as her mother used to write in her teenage diary. Eating in yet never really in. Walking the beach barefooted. Omelets on a frying pan dribbling on the stove in the wrecked fish boat they had made a boathouse of. Lying in the sun till the water hit their noses. Roaming in the caves most of the times being carried around by that darling of a man. Sitting on the rocks watching the waves splash against the black prudence. And yes how could she forget, being painted every now and then. My god that man knows how to treat a woman like a queen she thought. But in truth she knew she could never leave. She had known that since the seventh second they had been together. They knew too little about each other to try to understand the other yet they had no problems being the so called ‘me’ with the so called ‘you’. Imagine me and you. It was a strange feeling this. A sense of wholeness like a balloon full of helium. She smiled at her lost self and turned around to head home.
Sunlight streamed in through the one window in the wall. Half the bed was dark and the other half bright. And in that half poor Jake was trying to find sleep. He moved and he moved and finally succumbed to covering his head with a pillow. Peace at last. The breath of rain on a fallow land. And then came the shout. Honey I am back. And he smiled in his sleep knowing that when she entered the room she would just start blabbering about how Elvis chased a crab today. Funny thing was, Elvis never chased crabs, she just made it up to get his attention. And he didn’t mind it one bit. They really couldn’t get enough of each other. He waited for that voice to start making footprints in the snow. But it never came. So he rolled over on his back and opened one eye. She was in the room bent over something he couldn’t see. “Honey we have bread and honey. Will that do for breakfast?”
He didn’t answer waiting for her to get angry. If she wasn’t in the mood for stories she would get all red and hit him everywhere. And it never hurt. It tickled.
Cross she turned around and put her hands on her hips.
“Jake Matthews are you getting up right now or do I have to drag you out of bed?”
He put up his best eyes closed poker face trying not to laugh. And then he had it.
She came stomping up to him and jumped right on top of him. Then came the beating. The pillows came down on his chest and oh they struck his heart. Then came the fists. Right onto his nose and then trapped into his hands. Within a minute he had her under him with her knees being the wall between her face and his.
“You naughty bastard”
He grinned sheepishly saying “Good morning! Don’t move I will get breakfast.”
He got up and she spread out on the bed. Damn she loved eating in the bed. She watched him as his pajama clad self found the bottle of honey and came right up to her.
Scowling she said “What the hell are you up to?”
“Breakfast of course” and he poured the entire bottle of honey on her exposed tummy.
The rest was fun.
A few hours later she got up to shadow birds and tortoises dancing her stomach. And of course that was Jake’s doing. Stalking one hands fingers with the other making all the animals in the world inhabit her little white tummy now shining gold in the sun.
“You know you seduced me right?”
“I was hungry!”
“I am still hungry!”
“Okay cook something!”
“I would if I wasn’t too busy being your dessert.”
“But I thought dessert is after dinner. Isn’t it?”
“It’s supposed to be. But I can’t help it if you are all horny in the morning!”
“You know who to blame!”
“Yeah you!”
“Of course who else?”
“I don’t know. You?”
“So now I am to blame for your sex addiction.”
“You got me started.”
“It was a mistake and I regret it. So much that I am starving right now.”
“Yeah! Starving so hard that your tummy seems to be all over the place.”
Her eyes widened in shock to what he had just said. If that were true..No it couldn’t be. Hell it couldn’t be. She had had a period just yesterday. Phew! But what if she did get pregnant? Would he still love her? She looked up at him lost.
“What’s the matter em?”
“I just realized I barely know you.”
“There is nothing that you would want to know about me Emily. Except perhaps the fact that I love you.”
“But I do Jakey. For one why don’t you tell me why you live here? Forget this. Tell me everything. Right about now. Start.”
“You want to do this?”
“Of course I do.”
He picked up the frying pan and sighed "then listen".