Tuesday, August 02, 2011

To what is, and what could have been

so there is this girl. you call here eve simply cause if you could ever descrive her in one word, it would have to be woman.
its strange really. you are her adam. so this in effect becomes the sober little story
of adam and eve. a faulty eve. an equally faulty adam. and hence the world would have died. so luckily, its just
one set god put out there that is like that. there are others. normal ones. which have their faults.
but then their faults are smaller. for one, they know whats right for them and whats not. they know that
cheating is not right and complementing each other is. they know that to solve problems all you really need
to do is talk it out. when one knows you better than you know yourself you freaking listen. for if
you dont, you tend to screw up adam and eve. and thats no small deal. or isn't it? its just adam and eve.
its just happiness. its art. the art of staying alive. of staying alive and not being lonely. if only she
understood. but she doesn't. so there was only one solution. you kill each other. or wait she would say
no to even that. so you do whats right. you kill her. its easy really. you pull the trigger and one part
of you dies. now for the other part. you are equipped for at least five others even if you are using an old
revolver so that is not a problem. so you pull the trigger again.  and you die. and then god stands before
you and asks. did you do whats right? what do you say?
how the fuck would i know? i wanted out of the misery. her misery. my misery.
you didnt belong together in the first place he says.
so why the hell did u make us adam and eve you moron?
or now will you say we did that? no wait. i did. you only just watched us didn't u?
had fun? well i hope you did cause i aint living again. thankyou god. you showed me the beauty of life.
and showed me, that i didnt even want to live it. i owe you man. so here is your reward! your life back.
no thankyou you can keep it. so long.