Monday, September 19, 2011

Werewolf_The Nth Sin

He had woken up too early even for his own taste. It was barely past midnight. Arial lay on the bed next to him veiled by nothing more than a single flimsy cream coloured feign of a cloth. He walked to the door and looked outside. Dawn was yet to tread his forbidden grounds. The night lay in front of him ready to envelope him in its darkness unaware that what lurked inside was weighed more than what it could ever measure up to. The Vycus had fallen. First blood had been drawn. As an aftermath, his master Shinkozu and the fire priest Jade had headed out in order to structure their numbers to aid war. To cause victory. Now all that remained was drawing the shepherds out into the open and arming them. The dogs would follow.
The ministry was a sitting duck with the wizards staring them in the face. The rest had to be scavenged.
He had been left under the control of two shewolves. Arial and Esmeralda. They were both different in their skills though one thing was in common. Each beat him at speed but he might he was not be taken down. What he lacked in speed he made up in brute force and karate gimmicks.
Adam. What is it that pulls you from the warmth of my lair?
She was awake. It was strange. His own name reminded him of someone he dared not care about. He needed a new name. To have been in love with her was a mistake. To have killed her in order to slay her misery another mistake. To have stopped loving her was a mistake. Living was not. And live he would.
He turned around and stared at her. In the broad moonlight her human form invited temptation. Glistening like a diamond in a dragons claws. He walked past her swiftly and pulled her by the hair till she was half bent and then kissed her on the neck. He nibbled like a rabbit would and pulled her hair like a killer would. That, was what he liked about her. He could be as ruthless with her as he dared be and yet she would only drawback only to push him harder in the next instant. She was an animal, a lioness in disguise and she housed a rage even he couldn’t muster to encounter. He picked her up into his arms and claimed her mouth. Eventually he dropped her on her front and started up on her rear. As he pulverized the neck a soft groaning sound greeted his eardrums. Seizing the moment he plunged inside her. He picked her up again this time by the neck so she was on her knees and as she tilted her head soothed her lips with his. She softly bit his tongue signaling it was her turn and within a moment she had released herself. He felt himself being pushed underneath and obliged. As she mounted him her hands took a hold on his armpits and gradually she started gyrating on top of him. He let her for barely a minute before raising himself for just a second. She got the queue and bent so as to kiss him. As her mouth met his he fell on his back, his armpits and arms locking her hands and his mouth feeding on hers. Sinner that she was, she never stopped. Desperate she kept gyrating slowly leniently. As she gyrated, so did he. As she crested so did he. As she sobered down into ecstasy she was underneath again. 
It was strange how they had wordlessly made a pact. Training in the day, making love in the night. In the daylight they fiddled with his immatureness and in the nights she taught him the intricacies of the pervasive female body.  Esmeralda never engaged in bodily delight. She lived in a world of her own planning executing and enacting all of their roles in combat eventually making both of them a part of it. They always paired up against him. Their speed was unmatched but eventually his might outpaced them. Eventually his movements became more controlled his thrust more systematic his actions more planned and his moves perfection personified. When they separated to create diversion and divide work so one may distract and the other attack he took them apart piece by piece. It was when he had used his tail for the first time did he realize the look in Arial’s eyes. In order to dodge the tail when she had jumped her whole world had come crashing down as his hind legs had found her skull and mid section. She had laid there a while and the same day when he had tried it again, taken hold of his legs and thrashed him. Esmeralda had noticed the sparks and excused herself. That night they had made love. It had been hurried and soft. Both had been afraid of the effect on the other incase either had misunderstood the others signals. They were afraid of their own rawness. By next week, the awkwardness had gone and they owned each other. It was a week later that they had really made love. The hard way. The raw way. The right way.
Esmeralda had fitted into her role perfectly. She had placed herself in both of their paws frequently and hence knew both enough to not care of their nightly escapades unless it affected their training. Which it didn’t. It only pushed both harder. She was surprised at how much Adam was like what she had been when she had met Arial. She was surprised at how she knew that the only thing Arial saw in Adam was herself. She was surprised at how she couldn’t help be a side story. She was surprised at how she didn’t want anything else. It was strange. As they fell to his woes, he rose. As he grew they fell. As he rose, they fell. as he blossomed they flailed. He had become the Kraken.