Monday, June 03, 2013

Horseshoe Garage- Book Review

There. Right there. You can feel it in your veins when you read it. This is going to be interesting. On page one itself, you get wallowed into a race. You are nearing a finish line. But there is someone else too. And then you wake up. God damn it, it’s just a book. But then you have a whole book to read. And it has you hooked from minute one. Now that is not exactly rare, but then that’s not exactly so common. The story unwinds revealing characters the personas of which you can make out have been constantly mulled over so as to be perfect, like that of the first sip of lemon iced tea. And it is that refreshing. It creates a movie in your head, the kind you can watch again and again. The kind that can move you, inspire you. Sarvesh kulkarni. Just a normal guy, like any of us with an abnormal dream, once again likes many of us. As he chases it from the stands to race course, you chase with him. And then comes a girl; In the unlikeliest of places and the unlikeliest of times. And you feel it, the warmth that only fiction can deliver. It’s why you read. So you can dream! But then every dream has a pitchfork where it ends up either remaining a dream or coming into play, here in reality. Sarvesh, finds himself on the mouth of the latter. And that is where the story really starts. Through risk at high speeds to mushiness at low times, it has pretty much everything you can ask for.