Friday, November 04, 2011


His master had finally called for him. A pack of seven wolves had gone rogue. He had sent Jade to the dragons’ lair with Tiny to collaborate with them. On the way she had delivered his message to Adam. She also performed a certain spell on him. It made him smell different.  Adam or the Kraken as he had newly termed himself was ready. He was all in for an all-out wolf fight but his master had warned him to find him first. He needed to know something before he could fight them he had cautioned. It had been a rainy week. Thunder had been applauding him. As he moved on, the weather stiffened again. The next night they met in the forest where the agitator wolves had taken refuge for the night. He had been travelling for more than a week. Master had been following them for even longer. The forest was a scent haven. There were so many trails. One however appealed to him. It was his masters. Stealthily he followed it. Within a few minutes he could hear voices. Joyous voices shouting without a care in the world. It was then that he picked up their trail. As he noiselessly headed towards the peace breakers, he saw a light. Upon reaching closer he noticed a fire. Five men were sitting around it cracking jokes. One of them however was quiet. He had a scar that ran from head to cheek across his face. In front of them lay a dead animal. Apparently that was their supper. He heard a leave crack behind him. He was onto it in a jiffy. Master had told him about seven. There were five near the fire. The other two might have been prowling nearby. He saw a wolf convert and turn to run. As he gave chase he realized he had seen the same wolf somewhere. He stopped. He had lost him. It was then that he realized it wasn’t the familiar who was pursuing him there were two other wolves behind him. He turned and waited. He heard their hooves stamp closer. They came jumping through a bush on slightly higher ground but he was ready for them. As they jumped past him from above he leaped and clawed both of their sides. They yelped and crash landed. They turned around and growled. That’s when his master jumped from above onto one of them. That got him the distraction he needed. He was onto the other in a flash. They wrestled for a while for it was clear neither was a match for nor master nor pupil. Adam bit off a chunk of his opponent’s neck and as he lay bleeding got up and converted to his human form again. His eyes denoted an anger which was enough to not make anyone not want to stand again. Master on the other hand was playing ball. He was teasing the other wolf. Aghast he converted again and jumped on the enemy. He intended on killing him but his master stopped him.
As he bit into his neck ready to break it his master shouted.
In that while the pawn wrestled himself into position and fled.
“Why did you let him go?”
“We need not kill all of them. We need not kill. Had I seen you denominating this little one into pieces before I would have stopped you.”
He walked to the bleeding man held his hand and said a prayer. Then angrily he glared at him.
“If we fight among ourselves how do you expect us to win a war against a common enemy?”
 He then picked up his satchel and took out a few herbs. He rubbed the same on the wounds and held a cloth near his patient’s nose. Anesthetic Adam realized. With that it wouldn’t be tough to kill any of them while they slept. He then worked on his wounds stitching them with hair from his own head. Once done he sat down on the ground. He was breathing heavily he realized. Someone was getting old. He went and sat down next to his master.
“These wolves can’t even fight.”
“There was a time you couldn’t either.”
“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”     
“Small drops of water make an ocean.”
Upon getting no response, he continued.
“This boy here is barely nineteen. He converted about three months ago.”
“How can you tell?”
“His brother, the wolf who ran was younger.”
“What are they doing with the Rogues?”
“Seeking Company. And you almost killed them for wanting to be a part of the world. For wanting to belong to something.”
“Weaklings don’t deserve to live.”
“Strength is a relative term.”
“Only the strongest survive.”
“This one here was once a potter.”
“How can you tell?”
“The hands. Look at them.”
“I only see fingers and wrinkles.”
“That’s what makes you juvenile. That’s what makes you need me.”
“To tell me what to do”
“No. To tell you what’s right. Only one voice can tell you what to do and it lies inside you.”
He was quiet. His master was right. They needed the numbers.
“We are going to have to carry him to them.”
“We don’t have too.”
“What makes you say that?”
“They will come find us. According to one of them, I killed their brother didn’t I?”
“Yet he ran. He is going to come hard at you.”
“I won’t mind.”
“You should.”
“I am not afraid of him. Or them.”
“It’s not them you should be afraid of, it’s you.”