Saturday, May 14, 2011

Just a Thought...

I wander like a ghost at night
Over sleeping rose gardens and orchards alike
In search of what’s meant to be
For you, and for me.

I take in the sights,
Cozy, sleepy and bright
As I walk past I see
There never was a you and me

It takes a piece of me this night
and I give it all away in the name of peace and fight
As it gets darker I begin to see
Why you are the you and I, I am just plain old me.

It gets easier at day
When work keeps your thoughts at bay
But as darkness falls I fail to flee
Back from the chapter of you and me.

In the midst of chaos there is light
And eventually I take flight
But in the end it all comes back
The pairs made and braid on the shoe rack.

It seems easy to be so light
The solace of being right
But righteousness lies in the wrong
As I whisper to you ever night forlorn.

It takes two to tell this tale
Without clay there is no shale
I walk by you unnoticed
Trespassing swift and brisk

I wonder if I someday I may wake you
But as I stare I would rather wait my turn in your queue
As you sleep in peace
I linger to be that beds crease

So I walk by
Persistent, broken and shy
And then every time I see you in the mirror
I beg to be alive

If only wishes came true
We could be one, we could be through
But that would not be right
And hence alone I walk at night

Across fields across mountains
Through glaciers and through fountains
You walk and I walk alone
The cold distantness aching to the bone.

so this friend said a title would limit it. when i try to think of what inspired this i remember a million things. so shes part right. but then all the same isn't a name something that anything alive must be given? what do you think?

and while you are at it suggest a name huh? heres a good one an angel suggested-
The Night Wanderer