Saturday, May 23, 2009

Whispering Statues

The early morning sun was shining brightly. The trees were swaying in the rough wind like the delicate feather of a bird new to the world fluttering in the sky trying incessantly to fly. The tiniest of bugs were still sleeping merrily, their young ones awake inside their eggs waiting for the call of Mother Nature. Somewhere in the midst of all this, sitting under the mango tree was a young boy, eyes closed, in silent prayer for his loved ones, praying for their well being, their peace of mind, dwelling in a state of constant calmness that can come only through holiness and purity of spirit and soul. He never moved and remained as constant and unchanging as the North Star, only more lifeless and yet in a weird distant way full of life.
A little girl was observing him from a distance, hoping he would move for her, only open an eye if nothing else. He never moved, just sat there forever staring at her. His eyes were closed, yet she knew he looked at her, she just did. She had shouted at him, hoping that he would move, but he never had. Now she had to know. She was the princess. Why couldn’t he move for her?
She ran to her mother, crying.
Mama he wouldn’t budge, he just won’t.
Who wouldn’t budge my darling?
That boy in the garden, I want him to dance and he won’t move.
Well he can’t do that.
Why not?
Come let me show you why.
She took her outside and stood right in front of him.
Come princess let’s make him move.
He will?
I don’t know, let’s try.
She slowly came close and hid behind her mother.
Mum tell him to run away, I am scared.
Now, now darling, don’t be scared, he only wants to be friends.
I can’t.
Why not?
He will bite me.
No he won’t, he knows you only want to be friends.
How does he know, his eyes are closed, how does he know I am me and not one of those Daakus you told me about.
Oh he does, don’t worry about that. Go on.
So he won’t bite me?
Nope…apparently he has better things to do.
Go on now be friends with him, shake his hand.
But his hands are behind his head.
Oh come on touch him anywhere.
He won’t mind?
She slowly took a step closer still fear borne, moved a finger close to his leg and brought it back in the wink of an eye.
He is cold.
He is made of something hard.
Yes my love…
How did he come here? Where did he come from?
Don’t you like him?
No…I mean yes I do but…
Then why ask? Anyways now that you have asked, I made him.
No…I am joking.
Mommie…What’s his name?
I think its Costa.
What type of a name is that?
Well different people have different names.
You knew him?
Yes, he lived next door a long time ago.
Where did he go?
Oh he left…
Mom do these statues whisper at night?
No, why do you ask?
Last night when I came here from grandpa’s house and you were a little late, I could hear them talking.
Yes and they were talking about some witch…
Yes must be the witch who takes little girls away then…she becomes their friend and then kills them right?
No…there is no such thing.
How do you know that?
Mommie you are scaring me…
It’s ok to be scared…Come I will show you around. Want to meet Rico?
Who is that?
He is in the other garden, the one you haven’t seen yet.
After an hour or so, both mother and child sat down to have breakfast.
Mom did you make all those statues?
Mom why did you make all those statues?
Well mostly because I love children and second because they wanted me too.
So you knew all of them?
Yes they were my friends.
So where are they now?
Well they are scattered all over the big garden that we live in.
So you will make one for me too?
Of course…but what do you want me to make?
One of your dolls?
No…they are childish.
Oh they are childish…
Then, you soldier?
No make me…
Don’t ask me to do that.
Why not I am your princess…please….
I can’t.
Why not?
Because then you will have to miss school tomorrow and after that and after that.
I hate it anyway. The teacher shouts and everyone cry all day.
Is it that bad? I had no idea! Ok dear I will make one, but tomorrow and not of you. Now you go to school. Your bus will be here soon…let’s get you ready.
Thank you mommy…
That night…
Mom how do you make your statues?
Oh it’s easy dear; I just add water to plaster of Paris and set it on the cast.
What’s plaster of Paris?
It’s like cement.
What’s cement?
Cement is something used to make houses.
What is cast?
Well it’s the main body. Like suppose I have to make the statue of the doll, I will take your doll, put P.O.P around it and take it out later.
Oh so you are gonna put it on me?
Mom, can I ask you something?
Yes beta you have been all day, one more won’t hurt.
How did you start making statues?
Well a long time ago, when mom was your age, maybe a little more, she used to go out with a boy called Jack.
He was your boyfriend?
Sure was.
You kissed him?
Hmm I did.
Is it ok if I kiss?

Well maybe but not now, I will tell you when you can start kissing.
Ok…what after that?
Well we grew up, and he proposed and we married.
So you lived happily ever after?
No afraid not. One day he told me he was going and then I couldn’t take it.
Where was he going?
I don’t know, he was just leaving me, he said he was tired of me and he would leave the next morning. I was going to tell him I was pregnant and then this, so I put him off to sleep. We lived near a cement factory then so I made his statue with cement itself in the night when he was sleeping.
So he didn’t leave after that?
No, he loved the statue so much he stayed.
So you are going to make a statue of me too?
For you yes, you no.
Mom but you said in the morning…
I said I will make you one…but not you.
Please make me mom.
No baby, I can make one for you that’s all. I can make one of anything you want absolutely anything but not you.
Mom…I don’t want you to make anything else, just make me.
Why you?
Mom….you promised you would never say no to me.
I will think about it little girl.
Mommy please
I don’t want to, I would love to but yet I don’t want to. You are my own daughter, not you at least.
Why not?
You are special my love.
But you love me don’t you?
I do and that is why I can’t.
I can’t love I can’t.
Mommy…you can’t make a statue for your little princess?
Love I can but…
Mommy please I beg you please…please …please…
Her eyes were wet…ok my love…I promised I won’t ever say no to you.
Mommy I love you so much.
The next morning, an old man came to her garden.
Hello there lady, I heard you sell statues?
You heard right old man.
Who is that little girl over there?
Nobody, the P.O.P is still wet on her and she is not on sale…
Is there anything I can buy?
Sure…anything but that.
Do you make them on special order?
I would like to make you to make one for me… I can pay you all you want.
You can’t pay me once I finish it.