Friday, August 23, 2013

Werewolves_Dream Catcher

Tonight, he could feel a certain pull. One trying to separate him from his body as if he didn’t belong there.  As if all he wanted was freedom from the barriers of movement and limitations that the classic human body showcases. He could sense the master sitting beside him saying a prayer. A set of periodic and constant shudders constantly greeted him. To an extent it was the only physical feeling he had. Beyond it, there was a remarkable peace. An emptiness so calm in its approach it was like breathing. Except that, rather than fill you with life, it would suck everything out like what one calls gravity. A black hole that seemed to be pulling him. But there was something in the way. Something that countered the pull dampening it into a strong wind. the kind you enjoy walking in. Such was the pull of its reassurance that knowing it was pure evil he wanted to walk towards it. He tried to take a step forward but someone wouldn't have it. His feet were stuck. They wouldn't budge in that particular direction. That was surprising. He tried to jump and managed it easily. He tried to jump forward but that wouldn't happen. So he jumped towards the side. Aah that was fun. It was like floating. He tried to walk in front again but that dint happen. He turned and his feet responded. It was like he was a puppet with a mind of his own. Just that the control he should have had over his body wasn't as thorough as generally is. He was allowed to have a mind to convey it through to his body but he couldn't execute it. He turned and walked back towards the house. When had he even stepped out? Where was he? What was he doing? And what happened to that fatality of a creature that was claiming impending doom? Was this it? He looked at the black hole one last time and thought. Its just too frail. He wasn't going down without a fight. He turned and in the second that followed was devastated. The serenity had broken. And in its place was the heavy shuddering again. And the prayers. His master was still praying. And his feet. They were revolting. He woke up bewildered. The master was giving thanks in his prayers. Tiny was bombarding a wall. And there was a tingling sensation on his feet as a cool liquid dripped from his toes to his heel. He relaxed and closed his eyes again. when he tried to open his eyes again, such was the pain in his head that he had to succumb to it. But his feet were cool. The coolness felt good. It started at his feet and drifted into his entire body step by step as feeling returned to him. He could move again. The pain in his head was subsiding. The dream came back to him and things started to make sense again. He tried to pull his legs up to his chest but a firm grip on his feet stopped him. He opened his eyes to see what it was. That’s when he saw her. Jade. And she looked lovely as always. Her hands were holding his ugly feet feeding them what must have been one of her famous concoctions. She was kneeling on the floor lightly scrubbing his feet. The warmth of her hands calmed him down and he silently remarked to himself how he had been so ignorant of everyone lately.  
Get up from there. You don’t belong there.
She raised an eyebrow and stopped whatever it was she was doing. It was then that the master spoke up again.
Are you all right?
I have my master at my side, a friend in the vicinity and a ridiculously pretty lady at my feet. Why wouldn't I be?
Do you remember anything?
I want to say yes, but somehow I think I can safely deem that impossible and deposit my fears in you by asking, what the hell was that? 
So you don’t remember it.
Of course I do. There was a creature. One who wanted to slay me but wouldn't. He had however some werewolves with him. He was frail and leniently gentle. But there was something very wrong about him. 
Murloc. What did he do to you?
Nothing. He wanted me to join him in his entourage. I negated.
Then what did he do.
He threatened me. I prepared for a fight. And within a flash he was gone saying he would be back. And then....
Go on?
And then i was here, but not exactly here. I could hear your prayers and his grunts but no more. Then all of a sudden there was this calm. A divine calling from what was something like a black hole. Part of me wanted to walk towards it but something wouldn't let me. It was like my feet were tied. Presumably by this pretty lady.  
Explain the pull of the black hole. 
It was there all right, but it was faint. As if it didn't quite want me but would be glad to have me. 
That pull is what is called the dream catcher.
Dream catcher?
Yes. When we sleep our souls tend to walk out of the body into the astral plane. 
So why is this the first time I felt it?
You didn't feel it the first time. You just remember it this time. 
So when we walk into that new dimension, is it dangerous?
Not really. See there is something like a silver cord that binds you to your soul. And as long as the cord is intact, nothing can stop it from coming back. 
And if the cord breaks?
The cord cannot just break.
And what if anything happens to the soul?
The soul can get corrupted. When it does, if in a fit of hysteria it may aim at a self destruct by severing the cord, thus rendering itself a life beyond this dimension. Essentially, when the body dies something similar happens except that then, you have the permission to move on from the astral plane to the afterlife.
And if the body isn't dead?
The body will age and decompose. But the soul will never die. It will be stuck in the astral plane forever seeking another body to move into.
Not always.
But without a soul what is a body?
An empty vessel.
That’s how possession occurs?
No. You cannot be possessed when your soul is in the astral plane. Only when it is not.
So essentially, what happens?
That's not important for now. 
Tell me more about this pull.
Like I said, it was faint. I wanted to go check it out, out of sheer curiosity of course. But of course she wouldn't let that happen. There was a pull but i think i didn't feel the sheer magnitude of it simply because she was protecting me. As things got clearer in his head, he turned towards Jade who hadn't spoken a word till then and said, I owe you my life don't you?  She smiled an all knowing smile at him.
Don’t do that. You look too young to pull that off. At that she laughed.
Do you know what would have happened had you walked into that hole?
Peaceful serene death in my sleep?
Your body would be trapped here. Your soul would be trapped there.
Which means?
Which means you wouldn't die, but you wouldn't live.
He’s trying to make us one of his own.
He has successfully made our entire army a pack of dummies. Those we have recruited and those we haven’t yet. Every werewolf in the world is in that spell. All that’s left of us is the people in the room and a few others.  It’s over.
What are you talking about? A dream? How do you get stuck in a dream? 
You don't get stuck in a dream, your soul does. There is a very basic and fragile relation between the body and the soul. Constrict it and you may end up not just dead, but stagnant. Caught in the midst of nothingness with nothing to do but wait. Wait for a bigger force to deal you a better pack of cards.  
A prison forever.
I don’t get one thing. What was the relation between the dream and the dream catcher? 
The dream was what the soul would see, the carriage, the chance to serve him. It was the illusion created to confuse the soul into going into the dream catcher.
The chariot was the dream catcher. They just couldn't see it because the illusion worked.
Then how I could I see it for what it was?
You blatantly walked out of it. And when you tried going back, Jades potion stopped you.
So if she doesn't stop me, I can walk blatantly in?
Not now you can't. And even if you could, what good would that serve?
Something? I mean I walked out once didn't I? And when I try to walk in, wouldn't he want to be there?
Why would he?
Because that signifies the end. Would you rather run from a war you have almost won or would you rather walk to the center of it to claim victory by your own sheer hands? He may be immortal. I am not saying he is. I am just saying he may be. But isn't he run by the same principles we are? Pride? Whether it comes from a blasphemous ego or from the abeyance of a set of principles? And if he is there, maybe I can fight him off?
He paused waiting for them to say anything.
You intend to fight that thing?
Don't we have to? Regardless of intention?
How do you fight something you can't see?
We find a way. 
All i know is, that if I go in there, he will return. Power is something, so is immortality but the sheer joy of victory, that is incomparable.  
And what when he comes?
I kill him. 
And if you fail?
We already have master. If our army is his puppet, haven’t we already? And if we have failed master, so be it. But I have no intention of living in failure. As long as there is a chance, I shall fight. Even if it is against something I can’t hurt. Plus, I have Jade here. She saved me once. I don’t doubt she can do so again.
I don’t think I can she chirruped. But there is something I can do.
The mater retaliated, you can’t do anything you know that. Don’t encourage him.
But there is something I can do she repeated glaring at him.
Which is?
I need to brew more of this potion. I am not sure. But I can try.
Good enough for me master. Let’s go.
He sighed. I will come with you.
No you won’t. I need time with her alone to talk it out.
He glared at him and stormed out.
As he walked out Tiny remarked. That was supposed to be my card. With that, he too disappeared.
So this dream, do you think that if I try to sleep again it will come back?
Couldn't. One can never have the same dream twice. We will have to induce it.
Can you help me with that?
Surely. But it may take years.
You do realize, what we are trying to accomplish here may or may not happen?
Oh happen it will.
How can you be so sure?
Because he wants me. In a mere repetition of this dream or in some other blood brother of the same he will come back for me. And when he will, we will be ready.
The army of course.
The army is long gone. Go out. Look at them. They are just bodies without souls. We can’t save them.
I hate to have to tell you this ma’am, but nobody ever could save anybody. It’s only we ourselves who can save us.
You believe that?
I believe that is some distant reality I don’t understand they are alive and waiting for me. And if it takes years to find that reality, then so be it.
Master walked in enthralled.
There is a way.
There is?
What if you were to die?
What if I was to die?
He would come for you.
Tiny came in grinning.
I have been waiting too long for this, let me just get my daggers.
Were you standing outside? Both of you she remarked? 
When I walked out, I was angry, master continued. But when I saw those bodies, I realized, it was long over. But then there is always a last fight. And I have waited too long to not be a part of it.
Shinkozu, that is a touchy thought, but here I doubt you can be of any help. I will have to take him to my lair alone.
Tiny growled.
That’s quite all right. I will prepare for our next move once they are awake. 
She nodded at master beckoned him and walked out.
Remember this wolf, he may be immortal, but he is still human. And as long as he is not in flesh and bones his only weapon is fear. And somehow if he does make the mistake of adorning a body, rip him off. The Murloc needs to feel the stronghold of death again.
Bless me master and pray that I am ready. 
He followed Jade outside. But she had disappeared. For a lady, she was quite fast. It took him a while to find her. She was sitting on the rocks her feet barely touching the water teasing it.  He couldn't believe how he had forgotten how pretty she was.
Are you okay?
I have never tried this before. I had seen my father do it once. What if I go wrong and something bad happens?
What if you don’t go wrong and I don’t go wrong and somehow we manage to save all of them? Isn't the risk worth it?
But what if you die?
Then someday when you are old and still outrageously pretty we can meet in heaven, grab a quick beer and you can pay.
I don’t do beer.
Cranberry juice?
That sounds nice.
Come on then, let’s go try and get me killed.